How Long Does It Take To Get An Article?

Our typical turn over time is 2-5 days. This includes research, compiling information , writing and editing and proof-reading.

How Is Length Of An Article Selected?

Our minimum length is 800 words, and max length is above 1800 words. On most articles we can expand our writing and add to the content. We also include a custom image, custom headline and other “content hooks” to keep customers on your site reading the content.

Do I pay per word or per article?

Our pricing is based upon “Article Writing”, not per word. Most companies offer per word pricing because they can charge you more. We are very passionate about finance and real estate so we do spend a lots of time researching and writing.

I don't like your Article, now what?

We hope you will enjoy our articles, but sometimes does happen that we don’t meet eye to eye if you have something different in mind.  For that reason we offer full refund, no question asked policy.

Do You Write On "Trending" Topics?

The short answer is “Yes”. However; our goal is give you more than simple “trending” news that is going on. For example if we found trending story “Los Angeles Housing Prices Improve” we would dig deeper and try to find why this is happening, where it started and what is to expect in the future. The term “trending” in SEO means “happening now at this time” and thus it can “decline” since most people saw the news. With us, we will give you more text that will benefit your readers.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Currently we accept Paypal as our preferred payment processor. We do not accept personal checks at this time.

How Does Your Ordering Process Work?

Once you pick how many articles you would like to have from our main page you will be re-directed to another page to fill out few additional details. In here you can give us an idea what should we write about. For example, “local” trending news in real estate markets, information about home values, how to improve home value, etc… You get the idea. We will be in touch with you to offer you some topic ideas and you can choose which one you like.

Once I Receive My New Article, Can You Make Changes?

Of course our goal is to make you completely happy with our article and we are willing to add/change any information that you think might be relevant.

Can You Write On Mortgage / Finance Topics?

We write on anything that relates to your website or blog. Most of our clients are Real Estate Agents and they like to have “local” stories or articles of what is happening around them. Sometimes they request article on “credit card”, “current mortgage rates”, “debt consolidation” and other topics that can be interest to your readers.

Can You Write On My Local Real Estate Market

Local real estate markets data sometimes offer very little information. Since we have limited data information we fill it up with national data and make the comparison of your local market vs. national market.

We also expand on certain area, for example if the data is telling us that buyers are mostly families that purchase homes in that area, we look for a similar data in your local area and compare those two.

I still have more questions

We are available 24/7 online via email. Just fill out our form on contact us page and we will get back to you very soon.